Forgotten how to erect your Khyam tent or campervan awning or lost your instructions?

See below instructions for all of our current tents and awnings
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Quick Erect Models Inflatable Models Pole & Sleeve Models
Mini Shelter Airtek 6 Kamper Compact
Privvy Bivvy Airtek 8 Pro Kamper Sleeper
Nimbus Mini Kamper Pro 4
Igloo Airtek Kamper Pro 1 Kamper Pro 5
Biker Plus Airtek Kamper Pro 2 Sun Canopy
Biker Plus Special Edition Airtek Kamper Pro 4
Screendome Airtek Kamper Pro 5 Family 6
Motordome Tourer Lite
Tourer Lite Canopy Misc
Motordome Kamper Hub Re-inversion Ridgidome
Hub Extension Canopy Awning Vehicle Connection
Hub Bedroom Annexe  Flexidome Pole Fitting
Motordome Sleeper Lite Speed Valve Tightening
Sleeper Lite Canopy