Hub Bedroom Annexe & Inner KhyamHub Bedroom Annexe & Inner Khyam

Hub Bedroom Annexe & Inner

£179.99 GBP £397.99 GBP
Kamper Pro 4 Inner Tent

Kamper Pro 4 Inner Tent

£79.99 GBP £169.99 GBP
Kamper Compact 2 Berth Inner Tent Khyam
Khyam Dub Hub Classic Clip-In Inner Tent

Hub Clip-In Inner Tent

£49.99 GBP £117.99 GBP

Choosing A Khyam Awning Inner Tent

For more than 30 years we have engineered innovative tents, awnings and equipment for camping. This heritage has given Khyam a reputation for products that are built to last with high-quality performance materials and innovative designs. All of our awning inner tents stick to these same standards. We’ve created products that work together, so everyone can enjoy all camping has to offer.

Our innovative awning inner tents are convenient for road trips and summer holidays. They can be set up or packed away in minutes and easily stored in the awning bag. What’s more the breathable awning inner tent material allows for a cool, comfortable space free of condensation, providing added privacy for lazy days and lie-ins. Khyam awning inner tents come in several sizes to suit family trips or quick escapes with friends. For example, The AirTek Kamper Pro 2 Inner Tent takes your two berth awning to a four berth, while the Hub Bedroom Annexe and Inner can be used to create four separate bedrooms or two spacious doubles.

Always check the specifications of your awning and ensure that the awning inner tent you are buying will fit. Khyam awning inner tents have been manufactured specifically for Khyam awnings. Please contact our team if you need some guidance on which awning inner tent or caravan awning inner tent you need.

We’re proud of the awning inner tents we design and manufacture and back each and every product with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Take the hassle out of camping and trust Khyam to cover you come rain or shine by shopping for our awning inner tents today.