Khyam 3 & 4 Man Tents - The UK's Best Small Tents For Camping

Need a 3 person tent or the best 4 man tent? From touring and adventure tents, such as our lightweight Highlander and Biker Plus 3 man tents, through to our 4 berth AirTek range of inflatable tents and our quick erect 4 person Screenhub range, our range of 3 and 4 man tents for camping, for sale online, offer you a fantastic choice and cover a broad range of needs, from adventure or wild camping and touring through to family camping.

Fast and easy to erect, for small families, small groups and individuals, our range of 3 berth tents and 4 person tents are feature packed as standard. From our thoroughly modern 4 man inflatable air tent, through to our quick erect tents, our smaller Khyam tents are tried and tested, feature packed, so manageable and easy to pitch and erect.

Our 3-4 man tents are in stock and really do set the industry standard. With a lifetime warranty and our 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products, including our 3-4 man tents, why on earth would you choose to buy anywhere else!

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