Khyam 3 & 4-Man Tents - The UK’s Best Small Tents for Camping

As you can see a lot has gone into all of our 3-person tents and 4-man tents? For touring and adventure tents, our lightweight Highlander and Biker Plus 3-man tents are a must. If convenience and comfort are more what you’re looking for then our 4-man pop up AirTek range of inflatable tents and quick erect 4-person Screenhub tents are for you. Whatever model you choose, our tents are carefully designed and packed with features ranging from darkened bedroom tents for better sleep to modular door designs and ground cover patios for more layout options. 

Along with this, all our tents come with a lifetime warranty and our 30-day money-back guarantee. With this quality and peace of mind why on earth would you choose to buy anywhere else! Please feel free to browse our products above or contact us now for further assistance.