Shop 3 & 4 Man Tents

Khyam 3-man tents are ideal for hiking or motorcycle trips, with our Biker Plus Quick Pitch Motorcycle 3 Man Tent a brilliant lightweight option. This was one of our most popular 3-man tents in both 2021 and 2022 - and you can experience the cavernous feeling of this high-quality 3-man tent on your adventures.

The Igloo 2.0 Fast Pitch Tent is another reliable choice - this 3-man tent will fit on the back of your motorbike and it’s seriously lightweight to carry into a festival. Our 3-man tents are also the perfect size for couples’ camping trips, as there’ll be plenty of room for 2 people plus all of your belongings.

We’ve also got a fantastic selection of 4-man tents for sale at Khyam, in a variety of structures, layouts, and sizes. All of our 4-man tents are designed in the UK using the highest quality fabrics to keep you protected and dry, whatever weather conditions you’re camping in.

Alongside our 3 and 4-man tents, you’ll also find a great collection of 1 and 2-man, 5 and 6man, and even 7 and 8-man tents at Khyam - whether you’re off on a solo camping adventure or a large family holiday, we’ve got you covered.

3 & 4 Man Tents FAQs

Should I Buy A 3 Man Tent Or A 4 Man Tent?
Before you buy a 3 man tent or a 4 man tent, you should weigh up the level of comfort you desire, and the weight and size limitations for your camping trips. There are a range of 4 man tents for sale that offer plenty of room for up to 4 people, or for 2 to 3 people, with adequate space for storage. A 4 man tent might also be useful for the future if your family expands. A 3 man tent still has enough space for up to 3 people to sleep comfortably but can also be slightly more compact and lightweight if you're using it as a hiking or motorcycle tent.
What Are The Best 4 Man Tents For Sale?
The best 4 man tents for sale are those that make your camping trip comfortable and convenient. 4 man tents easily sleep up to 4 people as standard, but when choosing 4 man tents for sale, look for those that have fast pitching options and breathable, weather resistant fabrics, like those made by Khyam.
Is A 3 Man Tent Easy To Carry?
A 3 man tent is compact and versatile and can be carried in backpacks or on motorcycles with ease. Look for lightweight fabrics like polyester if you want a 3 man tent that won't take up too much space or weight when on hiking or biking trips. 3 man tents are the perfect size to be taken anywhere at a moment's notice.
Are 3 Man Tents Big Enough For A Family?
A 3 man tent is big enough for a small family. This might mean 1 adult and 2 children or 2 adults and 1 child. A 3 man tent might also be spacious enough for families with 2 small children. 3 man tents are also popular with couples who like to take their dogs away with them too.