Shop Motorcycle Tents For Camping Adventures

Our motorcycle tents are extremely lightweight and ideal for throwing on the back when you’re heading out on your bike, whether you’re off on a solo ride or a trip with friends. You’ll find 1-man and 3-man motorcycle tents for camping at Khyam, made with the best, high-quality materials to keep you and your bike safe and dry wherever you find yourself sleeping.

A 1-man motorbike tent like the Nimbus Mini Fast Pitch Touring Tent is an ideal choice for a solo biking weekend, as it can be erect within just 14 seconds - shelter doesn’t come faster than that. If you’re looking for something slightly bigger, our 3-man Biker Plus Quick Pitch Motorcycle Tent is a hugely popular option - it was our bestselling 3-man motorcycle tent in both 2021 and 2022.

Find the best tent for motorcycle camping trips at Khyam, whatever your needs - all of our motorcycle tents are small but perfectly formed. Browse our full collection of tents today, including a great range of quick pitch tents.

Motorcycle Tents FAQs

What Is A Motorcycle Tent?
A motorcycle tent is a tent that's specifically made for motorcycle camping trips. Motorcycle tents for camping are smaller and more compact than regular camping tents, so they're easier to transport and set up for solo motorbike trips. A motorbike tent is ideal for those who like to take off on their bike to enjoy long-distance touring and camping trips, safe in the knowledge they have shelter and a comfortable space to sleep in wherever they end up.
Is A Motorcycle Tent Worth It?
A motorcycle tent allows riders to have a sheltered space to sleep and store their gear while on a motorbiking trip. You may prefer to use a small 2 man tent instead, but motorcycle tents are typically more lightweight and transportable than regular tents. A motorcycle tent means you can travel further on your bike without the worry of where you'll sleep.
What Is The Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping?
It's worth investing in the best tent for motorcycle camping that you can - for example, one that can be pitched quickly and struck down easily. Ample head height and weather proofing are also essentials when looking for the best tent for motorcycle camping. A small pack size is ideal when looking at a motorbike tent, as you want to be able to store it away easily when on the road.
How Big Is A Motorbike Tent?
A motorbike tent is usually designed for between 1 and 3 people. The size of the motorbike tent will therefore vary according to which berth you opt for. Some motorcycle tents also have small front porches for storage, giving you a little extra room. To be sure you and any other campers will fit in the motorcycle tent, read the specifications carefully first before buying.