Choosing A Drive Away Awning From Khyam 

The great thing about a drive away awning is that not only do they give your camp set-up a much bigger footprint, but they can be left up when you want to go out. One of the benefits of camping is exploring new places and enjoying your surroundings. With driveaway awnings for campervans, you get the benefit of extra space while you’re on site and then the ease of exploring without having to pack everything up.

Better Camping With A Drive Away Awning

The added space a campervan drive away awning gives you means you can save space inside your camper by storing food, clothes, or camping equipment. Add groundsheets or awning carpets for added comfort, or purchase inner tents to create extra bedrooms. If you’re planning days out in your camper, be sure to get an awning connection kit to make detaching and reattaching your awning super simple.

Camper Awning

The beauty of a drive away camper awning is that you can easily detach and reattach them to your camping vehicle for day trips. Our awnings come in multiple sizes, from a compact 2 man camper awning or larger 4 man family camper awning, it’s easy to upscale your camping trip.

The Best Drive Away Awnings

The Motordome Kamper Hub Modular Quick Erect Drive Away Awning is perhaps our best campervan drive away awning, offering maximum versatility and multiple optional extras. You can change the window and door position according to your own preference, and add a bedroom annex on to easily accommodate bigger groups on trips with friends or family. Quick erect modular drive away awnings take no time at all to set up, and sturdy fibreglass poles keep everything exactly where it should be.

A Quality Drive Away Awning

Whichever campervan you enjoy your travels in, there’s bound to be a Khyam drive away awning that works. The systems we design here at Khyam are made to fit into corresponding items. Have a good read through the specifications to make sure you get the right modular awning or connection kit.

You can read our FAQs or contact us for more information. For added peace of mind, when you buy any driveaway awnings for campervans with Khyam, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

Drive Away Awning FAQs

Do Drive Away Awnings Fit Any Van?
Driveaway awnings for campervans fit a range of vehicles. Whether you have a VW Camper or Caddy, Mazda Bongo, Vauxhall Vivaro, Peugeot Boxer, Citroen Berlingo, or Toyota Alphard, there’ll be a drive away awning to fit. Always check the sizes and specifications thoroughly to make sure you get the right size drive away awning.
How Do Drive Away Awnings Work?
A drive away awning is freestanding and is erected in a similar way to a tent. Guy ropes keep them in place and there are usually doors or windows that can be opened up. To connect a drive away awning to your camper, you use a connection tunnel. Getting the right connection tunnel for your awning is key to safely and securing your drive away awning, and there are many tried and tested methods for attaching your drive away awning.
Is A Drive Away Awning Worth It?
A drive away awning can give you a considerable amount of extra space to store food, camping stoves, or muddy boots and save them taking up room in your campervan. You can also buy inner tents for your drive away awning that turn it into a separate sleeping area, allowing you to take more friends and family along on your trip. It’s definitely worth investing in a drive away awning to add space, comfort, and practicality to your camping experience.