AirTek Delamere 8.0 Inflatable Family Tent KhyamAirTek Delamere 8.0 Inflatable Family Tent Khyam
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AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6/8 Man Tent KhyamAirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6/8 Man Tent Khyam

AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6/8 Man Tent

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Choosing Khyam 6-8 Man Tents

Our 6-8 man tents allow you to enjoy nights under the stars in the great outdoors, making memories that will last a lifetime. Khyam tents offer unrivalled choice and are designed specifically to cover every kind of camping trip; from quick weekend stopovers to long trips abroad. A 6-8 person tent makes your trip convenient and fuss-free, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going.

Get ready to explore your surroundings and know you can come back to a dry, spacious 6-8 man tent to relax, cook, and socialise in. Take a look at our 6 man tents and 8 man tents to sleep up to 10 people, and buy with the peace of mind that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

6-8 Man Tents For The Whole Family

Khyam 6-8 man tents are simple to set up with plenty of space for families. They can be put up quickly and then easily packed away so you don’t waste quality time pitching or taking down your tent. Every 6-8 person tent has been designed for complete convenience to make family camping easier than ever. For those wanting to make the most of the maximum capacity, an annex can be a great add-on to store those bits and pieces you’d rather weren’t in your main tent, or as a separate entertaining space or shelter.

Feature Packed 6-8 Man Tents

At Khyam, we design and make 6-8 man tents that are modern, spacious, and easy to put up. Each 6-8 person tent is packed with ideas and technology that every camper will appreciate. Our award-winning tents come with a host of features, from Precision Pitch for the perfect pitch every time, to simple zipped dividers and even panoramic vista doors that bring the outdoors in. Enjoy WeatherWeave fabric that protects against the elements, sleep easy light-reducing bedrooms and extra head height. Order a 6-8 person tent today to bring everyone together on an unforgettable camping trip.

6 Man Tents

For small to medium-sized families or anyone camping with a few friends, a 6 man tent can be just what you need. With plenty of space for everyone, you can pack up and head off for a few days and nights of campfires, starry skies, and long walks with no bother. A 6 man tent also offers extra rooms for storage or changing when there’s a few less of you. This versatility is what makes 6 man tents so popular. The Airtek 6 Inflatable 6 to 8 Man Tent is a great example, and can be adapted to sleep between six and eight people, offering plenty of flexibility when a few extra people join the fun.

8 Man Tents

Choosing an 8 man tent is an exciting purchase that holds all the possibilities of the trips you plan to take. All Khyam 8 man tents make the great outdoors and big group adventures easy and accessible. The Airtek Pro Inflatable 8 Man Tent is the latest in our big tent range, with 4 bedrooms, inflatable technology, and a tunnel layout. This 8 man tent can accommodate up to 10 people with ease and is the pinnacle of Khyam’s tent design.

Take a look at 6-8 man tents from Khyam, check out our FAQs to answer any burning questions, or contact us to talk to our helpful team.

6-8 Man Tents FAQ

How Big Are 6-8 Man Tents?
An 6 man tent can have a footprint as large as 425cm x 726cm. An 8 man tent may be a little more, around 460cm x 800cm. Inner compartments allow for separate sleeping areas, or the dividers can be unzipped to provide one large living or entertaining space. 6-8 man tents offer plenty of room for large groups with places to store everything you need whilst camping.
Should I Buy A 6 Man Tent Or An 8 Man Tent?
6-8 man tents can sleep up to 10 people. A 6 man tent is generally a good choice for families of between 4-6 people. If there are 4 people camping, a 6 man tent leaves a little more room for storing clothes, food or equipment. For families of 6, everyone will have their own space. You can also buy inner tents or annexes to increase the space and provide room for up to 2 more people. Similarly, an 8 man tent can sleep up to 10 people with inner tents or annexes, and is therefore ideal for extended families or for large groups of friends.
Are 6-8 Man Tents Hard To Put Up?
Although 6-8 man tents are bigger than smaller tents, they are still easy to put up if they have the correct technology. Choose inflatable tents or quick erect 6-8 man tents that can be put up in minutes. 6-8 man tents with extra technology can make all the difference to your camping trip, saving you time and removing any stress.
Can You Stand Up In A 6-8 Person Tent?
A 6-8 person tent is typically larger and depending on the specific dimensions, many people will be able to stand up in a 6-8 person tent. Khyam tents have 6-8 man tents with a head height of up to 230cm, which is plenty of room to stand freely and enjoy the space.