Choosing your Khyam Awning Annex

The Khyam range of awnings and canopies allows you to create specialised entertainment areas that can be used for picnics, card games, and socialising. An awning annex can also double up as a utility tent for storage, or even additional sleeping quarters for big family holidays. Camping is so much more comfortable and relaxing when there’s space for all of your essentials and you have the freedom to move, get changed, or chill out.

An awning annex gives you this extra freedom and privacy as well as protecting you from wind and rain, or offering shelter from the sun. You will of course need to make sure that your awning annex is compatible with your motorhome or tent, or with your caravan if you’re looking for a caravan awning annex. Choose a simple canopy for outdoor space that provides shelter, or go for a large inflatable annex that can fit a full dining set in and is covered on all sides.

You can add extra bedrooms using your awning annex by purchasing an inner tent too, or simply use it as a comfortable home from home by laying a tent carpet. Browse simple canopies and modular annexes now, and for help connecting your awning annex to your motorhome, take a look at our connection kits.