Choosing A Khyam Awning Groundsheet

Khyam is committed to providing you with the very best camping experience. So whether that’s a family sized tent, seamless connection kits or a caravan awning groundsheet, we design and manufacture all of our products with your comfort, campsite experience, and convenience in mind. 

Our groundsheets for awnings protect your tent or awning from the elements and also act as a buffer between you and any rocks or sharp objects. Each awning groundsheet has been created to be practical and speedy for set up and take down. They require little more than water to rinse off mud or dirt, and come with a handy carry bag for an easy, portable storage solution. 

For added comfort and protection we also sell clip-in footprint groundsheets. These groundsheets are ideal as an additional groundsheet to add even more protection, or as your main line of defence for campsites that only allow breathable groundsheets or no groundsheets at all. Shop our all-season groundsheets for awnings or please feel free to contact our helpful team for guidance and advice on the best awning groundsheet to buy.

Awning Groundsheet FAQs

Do You Need An Awning Groundsheet?
Groundsheets for awnings come with many benefits and are an essential item for a more comfortable camping trip. An awning groundsheet offers extra insulation and warmth, and helps to keep water out of your awning. They also keep your awning clean, protecting the floor from mud and dirt. Coupled with an awning carpet, groundsheets for awnings can make your camping space feel more homely and your trip more pleasant.
What Are The Best Groundsheets For Awnings?
When choosing groundsheets for awnings, the best ones are breathable and waterproof. A breathable awning groundsheet lets air circulate and reduces condensation inside the awning. A waterproof awning groundsheet stops moisture forming inside the awning. Khyam awning groundsheets have a hydrostatic head of 10,000mm, making them very resistant to water.
What Size Awning Groundsheet Should I Buy?
Your awning groundsheet will need to fit the size of your awning. With Khyam groundsheets for awnings, each model corresponds to its own awning, making it simple to match your awning groundsheet to your awning. Always check the dimensions of the space you want to cover and make sure your awning groundsheet is big enough.
How Do You Clean An Awning Groundsheet?
The beauty of an awning groundsheet is that it’s separate from your awning and can be easily removed and cleaned. After removing the awning groundsheet, shake off any dirt or debris, then gently wipe it down using a sponge and warm, soapy water. Allow your awning groundsheet to dry thoroughly before packing it away.