• We can offer a better product for a more competitive price
    Our products are designed with the end consumer in mind, being of the highest quality and offering extra features than other brands on the market whilst still being competitive on price - our products in retail stores would be much more expensive.
  • We Directly speak with our end consumers
    You will always get the best customer service and the highest level of advice. We also take consumer comments into account when developing new products, meaning we listen to your wants and needs.
  • Receive better a quicker turnaround on warranty resolutions 
    As you buy direct from us, all returns, repairs and servicing is carried out by who you purchased it from. No more waiting around for middle men dealing with the brand.
  • Exclusive Deals
    We can offer discounts and deals other retailers can't - meaning you get the best products at the best price..... PERIOD.
  • Receive extra benefits and customer loyalty rewards
    If you've purchased a product from us and new accessories come out, you'll receive updates and special offers - sometimes these include free gifts if you are a frequent shopper - all tailored to your original purchases.
  • Lifetime Warranty
    We pride ourselves on our product quality, and we're so confident, we offer a lifetime warranty to back that up. No need to register for lifetime warranties - if you buy from us, you're automatically registered for our lifetime warranty - see more here.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    We are committed to providing the right product for you, no exceptions. We want to make sure you are happy so if you aren't, we'll guarantee your money back - see more here.
  • We stock all products, including replacement parts and spares
    Even if a product has been discontinued, we can help get you back on your feet. If you have missing items, damaged accessories, or even if you want an alteration doing, we deal with it all ourselves.