AirTek Delamere 8.0 Inflatable Family Tent KhyamAirTek Delamere 8.0 Inflatable Family Tent Khyam
AirTek Delamere 6.0 Inflatable Family Tent KhyamAirTek Delamere 6.0 Inflatable Family Tent Khyam
AirTek Delamere 5.0 Inflatable Family Tent Khyam
AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Tent - 8 Man Tent KhyamAirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Tent - 8 Man Tent *2023 EARLY RELEASE* on white background
AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6/8 Man Tent KhyamAirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6/8 Man Tent Khyam

AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6/8 Man Tent

£1,199.99 GBP £1,847.99 GBP
AirTek Arden 4.0 Inflatable Tent KhyamAirTek Arden 4.0 Inflatable Tent Khyam

AirTek Arden 4.0 Inflatable Tent

£999.99 GBP £1,199.99 GBP
Family 6 Steel Pole Tent - 6/8 Man Tent KhyamFamily Tent - Khyam 2021 Family 6 Berth Steel Pole Tent on white background

Shop Spacious, High-Quality Family Tents

We’ve got family tents for small and large families alike, from cosy 3-man tents to roomy 6-man tents, right up to palace-like 8-man tents. Some family tent models, like our AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Tent, have 4 separate bedrooms, so everyone can have their own little space for privacy and some peace and quiet.

If you don’t need a tent that’s quite as big as that, our 6-Man Steel Pole Family Tent is a fantastic option, which features a 100% steel frame, 3 king size bedrooms, a rain canopy side door to help keep the elements out of your tent, and a specially designed lounge roof liner to ensure an ambient temperature and reduced condensation. Modern family tents really do have it all.

All of our family tents are made from the highest quality fabrics, and they’re quick and easy to set up, no matter how much camping experience you have. When you choose a family tent from Khyam, you can rest assured that pitching up at your campsite will be a breeze, getting your holiday off to the best possible start, and giving you more time to relax before the fun begins.

We also stock a brilliant range of caravan and camper van awnings, which are perfect for creating extra space to sleep in or house your belongings in when you’re camping as a family.

All of our tents are built to a high standard and come with our Khyam lifetime warranty, as well as our 30-day money back guarantee. Find the best family tent for your clan ready for your next adventure at Khyam today.

Family Tents FAQs

What Are The Best Family Tents?
The best family tents will differ according to the size of the family and what each person needs. For families with older children, the best family tents might be ones with separate bedrooms for extra privacy. For families with small children, a 4 man tent may be more than adequate. The best family tents for groups of 6 or more are 6-8 man tents, with the option to add on an annex or canopy to extend the space. To make family camping seamless, the best family tents for sale will be those that make camping as convenient as possible, such as inflatable tents or quick pitch tents.
How To Choose A Family Tent?
To choose a family tent, first consider the needs of everyone in the family. If you're a family of 4 that like their own space, then choosing a 6 man tent might be the best family tent for avoiding arguments. You should also think about what you need from a family tent in the future, as children get older or more family members are added. Choose a family tent that's sturdy and will keep you all safe and dry. Khyam tents have sewn in groundsheets, breathable fabrics and weather resistant outers for comfort and security for your family.
What Is The Best Family Tent For A Family Of 4?
The best family tent for a family of 4 could be a 4 man tent, especially for those with younger children. The best family tent on the whole, and for families with older children, is a 6-8 man tent. This gives everyone lots of room, with added space for storage. A bigger tent is also the best family tent if you want to take extra friends or even pets along on your trip.
How Big Is A Family Tent?
Family tents come in all shapes and sizes. A 6 man family tent is around 425 cm x 765 cm. An 8 man family tent can be up to 460 cm x 800 cm. Khyam 6-8 person family tents come with a generous head height of up to 220 cm too.