Khyam Family Tents - The UK's Best Large Family Tents For Camping

Khyam feature packed as standard, our medium sized and large family tents are all quick and easy to pitch and erect - we know how it feels to have to herd the little ones, while the tent goes up! We all need a helping hand and we do our best. That said, we all need a little patience too.

We have the very best 4 berth tents for small families, 5 man inflatable tents, 6 berth steel pole and air tents, 7 man pump up tents and even the option of 8 man inflatable air tents and quick erect tents for large groups or families.

Our family tents have really set the industry standard. With our Khyam lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee, including our family tents for sale here, why would you buy a family tent online from anywhere else?

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