Choosing A Khyam Utility Tent or Day Shelter

There are many reasons you might choose a utility tent as part of your camping kit. As well as being a private space to change or even use the toilet, the extra storage space a utility tent offers is a big bonus. Cool boxes, food, and walking boots can all have a second home, meaning more room in your main tent or camper van. What’s more, pitching a day shelter while off on a trip keeps everything in one place and hidden from the elements or wildlife.

A simple shelter like the Fast Pitch Beach Tent has space for up to four people and can be left open fronted or clipped shut. Larger utility tents, like the Screenhub Quick Erect Day Shelter are generously sized to fit in all of your camping essentials and, with some smart accessories, can even be turned into a 12 berth tent. These modular multi-functional utility tents give you the freedom to choose exactly where you want to go, how long for, and who with. There are no restrictions on storage and no need to worry about not having enough room.

For a more practical utility tent, the Privvy Bivvy Quick Pitch Shower and Toilet Tent is a single person shelter that makes camping life a little more discreet. It’s ideal for those who love a more rural and rugged camp trip where toilets and showers might not be included. Each Khyam utility tent and day shelter comes with the Khyam Rapidex Quick Erect System so there’s no messing about for hours on end; your tent can be up in under a minute and your camping trip or day out can get started.

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Utility Tents FAQs

What Is A Utility Tent?
A utility tent has multiple uses and is a versatile solution for days out and short camping trips. Utility tents provide extra shelter or a place to store essentials like cooking equipment or clothes. You might also use a utility tent as a changing space or cleaning area away from the main tent. Utility tents are popular for days out, picnics and beach trips.
What Is The Best Camping Utility Tent?
The best camping utility tent is typically one made of lightweight and durable materials such as polyester. As campers don't want to spend a lot of time putting up a simple utility tent, the best ones are often those that can be pitched very quickly. Khyam utility tents have a Quick Erect feature to make them incredibly quick to pitch. Other factors to consider when looking for the best camping utility tent area size, durability, weather resistance, and price.
Why Buy A Camping Utility Tent?
Utility tents are commonly used for outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, or beach trips, as they offer protection sun, rain, or wind. Utility tents can be used for practical purposes including as a toilet tent or washing facility. A camping utility tent is often an add on to the sleeping space, and many people buy them to store equipment or food, or to increase social space when needed.
Is A Day Shelter Easy To Put Up?
A day shelter is very easy to put up if you buy the right one. Choose a day shelter that has a quick pitch feature as this will make it very quick and easy. A Khyam day shelter can be put up in as little as 30 seconds so you can get on with organising your space and enjoying your camping trip.