Choosing A Campervan Side Awning From Khyam

It just makes sense to have a campervan side awning as part of your camping kit. Use it as a simple shelter from the elements, extra storage, or really make the most of your campervan side awning by creating extra bedrooms.

Versatile Campervan Side Awnings

Our campervan side awnings come in all shapes and sizes, with popular choices including the Hexadome, Airtek, Motordome, and Kamper models. These amazing and versatile van side awnings make the most of modern tent technology with various structure systems for you to choose from, including traditional steel pole designs, as well as super-easy quick erect awnings. We also have some fantastic inflatable awnings, which are among the lightest you’ll find on the market

Reliable Campervan Side Awnings

When you choose a van side awning from Khyam, you can be sure you’re benefiting from robust materials and weatherproofing - exactly what you need from a campervan side awning. Find a van side awning to use with your VW Camper, Renault van, Mercedes van, or even your people carrier - we have easy-to-attach campervan side awnings in all shapes and sizes.

Campervan Side Awnings You Can Trust

Invest in a simple sun shade-style campervan side awning like our Sun Canopy Side Panels product, or go for a much larger, fully covered campervan side awning such as the AirTek Kamper Pro 4 Inflatable Drive Away Awning, which can sleep up to 4 people (as long as you purchase the 4-berth inner tent). Whatever van side awning model you choose, you’ll get a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty when you buy from Khyam, so you can make sure your new campervan side awning is the right option for you.

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Campervan Side Awning FAQs

Is A Campervan Side Awning Easy To Attach?
Choose a campervan side awning that’s quick and easy to erect so that you can easily put it up in minutes. Ensure that your van side awning is the right size and height for your campervan. The connection tunnel should then easily attach to both your vehicle and your awning. There are various methods for attaching your side awning, to make it easier for you.
Can You Sleep In A Campervan Side Awning?
You can most definitely sleep in a campervan side awning. By purchasing an inner tent, you can separate the space inside your van side awning and turn it into a comfortable sleeping space. This allows you to accommodate more friends and family when you go camping without compromising on space or comfort.
Is It Worth Buying A Campervan Side Awning?
Using a campervan side awning is a personal choice, but having one can really enhance your camping trip. Knowing you’ve got that extra space means you can pack up at a moment’s notice without having to think about where to put everything or where everyone will sleep. A campervan side awning means even more freedom and more fun.