Choosing A Khyam Awning Connection Kit

Khyam tents are known for quality, and each Khyam awning connection kit is built to the same standard. Made from tough, long lasting materials, our awning connection kits are built to handle whatever nature throws at them. Designed for all levels of camper, an awning connection kit from Khyam is a hardworking bit of kit you won't want to be without.

Our connection tunnels and awning connection kits are made to fit perfectly to your Khyam tent or awning. By making sure you get the right drive away awning connection kit to match your awning, you ensure an uninterrupted connection that helps protect you from the elements. Easy to set up and pack away, every awning connection kit creates a modular set up so you can optimise your campsite to enjoy stunning views and sunny aspects or gain much needed privacy.

Extend your camp footprint and living space with a practical and purposeful drive away awning connection kit, like the Screenhub Zip On Campervan Drive Away Connection Tunnel. If you’re looking to connect your awning without a tunnel then a simple kit like Kador Converter Straps will do the job perfectly. Find an awning connection kit for your tent or camper to start maximising your camp space.