8 Man Tent - Khyam 2021 AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Family Tent on white background
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AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Tent - 8 Man Tent

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Khyam 2021 AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent on white background
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AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent - 6 Man Tent

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Khyam Inflatable Tents - The UK’s Best Blow Up Air Tents

Khyam features come as standard in every one of our tents with our pump up family air tents making use of cutting edge technology to give you the ultimate convenience and protection. We have the very best 4-man blow up tents, 5-man airbeam tents, 6-man pump up tents, and even 7-8 man inflatable air tents, including our restocked 2019 award-winning AirTek 8 Pro for groups or families.

We are proud to say that we have without doubt the best inflatable tents for camping on the market, catering for a variety of needs, and all designed with you in mind. For example, What’s more, our AirTek inflatable tunnel tents set the industry standard with a wealth of features included such as higher internal spaces, top quality materials, and seamless cohesion with groundsheets, shelters and more for a bespoke, modular design. 

With all of these perks and advancements, as well as our Khyam lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, why would you buy a blow-up air tent online from anywhere else? Find the best family tents available in the UK above or contact our team and allow us to help you find your fit today.