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Our collection of amazing inflatable tents features some brilliant family tents, including the 8-man AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Tent, which has 4 bedrooms, a living space, and a porch, making it undoubtedly the best inflatable tent for large families. If a 3-bedroom tent will do, check out our 6-man AirTek 6 Inflatable Tent, which has 3 sleeping quarters separated by zipped dividers, as well as a large living area with plenty of room to spread out and relax.

The inflatable tents for sale at Khyam are all comfortable, spacious, and made using the highest quality fabrics, so you can be sure you’ll stay protected from the elements while sleeping under the canvas. All of our inflatable tents also come with a 30-day money back guarantee, giving you the time to make sure you’ve found the best inflatable tent for you.

Our inflatable tents are easy to blow up, simple to deflate, and our blow-up tunnel tents set the industry standard for the category, with superb ventilation, seamless groundsheet cohesion, and the very best materials.

Find the best inflatable tent for you at Khyam, or explore our full collection of tents, which also includes steel pole tents and quick erect tents.

Inflatable Tents FAQs

Are Inflatable Tents Any Good?
Inflatable tents offer several advantages, including easy and quick set up, lightweight and portable design, and spacious interiors. An inflatable camping tent is typically made with durable materials and is designed to withstand lots of weather conditions. The best inflatable tent will also have good insulation and ventilation for added breathability. Inflatable tents are becoming increasingly popular because of how quick they are to pitch without compromising on the safety, security and warmth of traditional tents.
What Is The Best Inflatable Camping Tent?
The best inflatable camping tent is one that can be blown up in just minutes and is also easy to deflate at the end of your trip. The best inflatable tent will be lightweight and portable, while still offering ample space for all campers, with innovative features that make camping a true pleasure. Khyam inflatable tents have zipped dividers, 'Sleep Easy' bedrooms, and 'Precision Pitch' technology, alongside easy-to-use inflation systems.
Are Inflatable Tents Better Than Pole Tents?
Inflatable tents offer something different to pole tents and so the choice is a personal one. The bonus of an inflatable camping tent is the speed and ease at which it can be pitched, whie still providing all the same comforts as pole tents. Pole tents are sometimes favoured over inflatable tents because of the reinforced frame and the idea that they are therefore better equipped to deal with high winds or rain. Inflatable tents can be slightly more expensive due to the amount of time they can save campers.
Is An Inflatable Camping Tent Good In The Wind?
Inflatable tents are typically made with durable materials and have a sturdy construction, so are resistant to windy conditions. The stability of an inflatable tent in windy conditions also depends on proper set up and how well it has been secured, but when the instructions are followed correctly, this shouldn't be a problem. If you often camp in windy conditions, choose a reputable brand like Khyam for your inflatable camping tent, so you know you're getting the best quality.