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Choosing A Khyam Pole Tent

At Khyam, we specialise in making tents that are fit for purpose and tick off the needs of every camper. For family camping trips, having a reliable tent that makes your trip safe and enjoyable is a big priority. Steel pole tents are extremely sturdy and provide ample space for families. The unique tunnel shape of our pole tents is ideal for privacy, and also allows you to place the entrance out over stunning views so you can enjoy the majesty of the great outdoors whether in the UK or abroad.

Our pole tents, including the Family 6 Steel Pole Tent, are full of features, including ample room for 6 people, increased head height, darkened bedrooms for better sleep and even a clip in front porch groundsheet. These are just a few of the ways we look to make tents designed for purpose and our steel pole tents are no exception. Take a look and see how a pole tent can elevate your next camping holiday, or contact us for information and advice on choosing a steel pole tent.

Pole Tents FAQs

Why Buy A Pole Tent?
Pole tents are known for their versatility and flexibility, and can be easily pitched and struck down. This makes them suitable for various events and many locations. Pole tents also offer a spacious and open interior, with plenty of room for guests or activities. The strong skeleton means larger pole tents can withstand wind and rain very well, and so are a practical choice for campers who travel in larger groups and want plenty of protection from the elements.
Are Steel Pole Tents The Best Type Of Tent?
Deciding if steel pole tents are the best choice generally comes down to personal choice. Steel pole tents are often best for those who want a very sturdy frame with plenty of space inside. Steel pole tents are designed to be hard wearing and long lasting. They are loved by seasoned campers who take family trips all year round and like having the peace of mind that their pole tent is robust and secure in all weathers.
How Do You Put Up A Steel Pole Tent?
With a little planning and preparation, pitching a steel pole tent shouldn't take long. Choose a suitable location for the tent, then connect the steel poles together. Insert the poles into the ground and then attach the tent fabric to the poles, making sure it's stretched tightly to provide stability. Any additional accessories for your pole tent can be added to complete the setup. Every steel pole tent will come with instructions, so always read these properly to get it exactly right.
Is A Steel Pole Tent Hard To Take Down?
It's as easy to strike down a steel pole tent as it is to pitch one. With a little bit of practice, you can quickly take down a steel pole tent, remove the poles and pack it all away in minutes. When you take down the steel pole tent, make sure everything is organised and put away correctly to make it fast and fuss-free next time you need to pitch your pole tent.