Choose Your Ideal Quick Pitch Tent

Our collection of quick erect tents include 1-man and 2-man pop-up tents, as well as dome tents that sleep 3 or 4 and make a great quick pitch tent option for families. Whether you’re a weekend camper or an intrepid explorer, we’ve got a quick erect tent for you.

Discover our Nimbus and Biker dome tent ranges, which include lots of roomy, easy-to-pitch options, and come with plenty of space for both you and your belongings. Stay safe, dry, and protected from the elements with a high-quality quick pitch tent from Khyam.

A lightweight, easy-to-carry quick erect tent won’t weigh you down, is easy to transport to your perfect camping spot, and keeps family trips focused on fun by making it simple. Many of our smaller quick pitching tents can even be carried on your back while you’re hiking or cycling, as they pack up small and can be erected in a matter of minutes when you reach your stop for the night.

Choose the Igloo 2.0 Fast Pitch Tent for a reliable 3-man option, or check out the Nimbus Mini Fast Pitch Touring Tent for a cosy 1-man quick erect tent that’s perfect for solo campers.

We also have a fantastic range of small tents and easy-to-erect day shelters. Shop our complete collection of high-quality tents today.

Quick Erect Tents FAQs

What Are Quick Erect Tents?
Quick erect tents are designed to be easy and quick to set up, typically requiring minimal effort and time. Khyam quick erect tents use our Rapidex™ Quick Erect System. This technology means your tent can be laid out and pitched up in as little as 30 seconds. Quick pitch tents are designed for ease of use and are ideal for veteran and novice campers alike.
Is A Quick Erect Tent Worth It?
A quick erect tent is definitely worth it if you want to save valuable time on setting up your camp. Quick pitching tents may have a slightly higher price point than more traditional tents due to the level of technology involved. This is because they offer unrivalled convenience for campers, and make one of the more stressful bits of camping become a breeze.
Is A Quick Pitch Tent Easy To Put Down?
As well as being fast to pitch, a quick pitch tent is equally as quick to take down. You simply need to unlock the joints and then your quick pitch tent is ready to fold and put away. The poles in the quick pitch tent remain in the fly sheet, so there's no time wasted removing and packing away poles. This is another great reason quick pitching tents are so popular and offer such good value for money long term.
What Are The Best Quick Pitch Tents?
The best quick pitch tents are those that can be erected and struck down with minimal effort. Look for fibreglass poles, nylon joints and polyester fabric when choosing your quick erect tent, as these are lightweight but durable and weather resistant. Khyam quick erect tents are designed using these materials and with a unique Rapidex™ Quick Erect System to make them the best quick pitch tents available.