As part of our Mission to be more sustainably conscious we have partnered with Ecologi to plant a tree for every product sold. The environment is extremely important to all of us at Khyam, so much so that 1 of our missions is the be the most ECO Friendly Camping brand on the market.

This initiative will benefit our Planet and future generations to come, we feel that as a businesses, we have a responsibility for the sustainability of our environment and factor sustainability into every decision Khyam make, and 1 of our first decisions is to try to offset our Carbon Footprint as well as Plant a Tree for every product sold. 

Your Purchase helps save the planet

We’re taking several steps to help reduce our impact on the environment – from ensuring your product lasts as long as possible with our Lifetime Warranty to using less harmful dyes in our fabrics. We’re now going a step further – thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, we’re actively putting trees in the ground for every product sold.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi

Every tree planted makes changes for generations to come.


How it works

It's easy, we have embedded this directly into our website, so for every single item in your basket that you purchase, a tree is automatically planted, [not by robots...... an automatic order is placed with Ecologi, we leave them to work out the logistics], infact, if you visit our forest before you place your order, you can see in realtime the change in trees planted as you place your order!

Every camper knows the saying "Getting back to Nature", well it's time we give back to Nature and the environment that we all love so much, and what better way than planting a tree.

We have already taken steps to reduce and offset our Carbon Footprint and to contribute to global reforestation projects, and we love to see the positive impact our business is having on communities around the world. Through our partnership with UK business Ecologi, we have already managed to offset our carbon emissions, helping to reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the atmosphere, check out just how much below;

To get the latest update on our tree-planting progress, you can visit our Ecologi page here

Take a step towards becoming climate positive with Ecologi, Ecologi members help reduce carbon pollution, restore wildlife habitat accelerating our transition to a sustainable future. Learn more about Ecologi and their mission to give back to the planet.

If you wish, you can also gift more trees, or setup your own personal account here