Choosing A Khyam Tent Carpet

Our range of tent carpets have been specifically designed for the dimensions of some of our most popular tent models, including our family tents. Each tent carpet is made with a unique multi-layer construction which makes them soft but hard-wearing. The padded inner foam layer provides extra comfort and an insulated aluminium coated base layer keeps in the heat.

Tent carpets can be used to cover the whole of the tent floor, including bedrooms. The Kamper Pro 4 Full Size Carpet is a great example of a larger carpet for the Kamper Pro 4 Tent. You can also choose one of our smaller options, like the Airtek Kamper Pro 1 Carpet which is ideal as an awning carpet and makes your entertaining space more relaxing and luxurious.

Tent carpets are designed to fit specific tent models, and so it’s advisable to check the tent model and dimensions before making a purchase. Getting the correct size and best tent carpet for your tent means it will fit correctly and keep warmth in and dirt out as intended. 

Simple tips and tricks make family camping a breeze. This is why Khyam tent carpets have been specifically created for campsite living and come in a handy carry case, so they are easy to pack away and transport. This makes them the best tent carpet for a quick getaway after a camping trip when you are ready for home or your next pit stop. All of our products come with a lifetime warranty too so you can enjoy your tent carpet even more knowing it’s been designed to last. Find the best tent carpet for your next trip by shopping our selection.