Choosing Khyam Inflatable Campervan Awnings

At Khyam, we carefully consider the pros and cons of camping life and create products that make everything easier. That’s why we’ve designed the perfect inflatable awning. Campervan holidays are a quick and fun way to travel and having that bit of extra space makes all the difference to give you the living space you need.

The Best Inflatable Awnings for Campervans

Our inflatable awnings are available in various set-ups and sizes, and are compatible with many, if not all, camping vehicles. Whether you have a VW Camper, a Mercedes Vito, Transporter, or another popular vehicle, you’ll find the best inflatable awnings for campervans of every size and style.

All Purpose Inflatable Awnings for Campervans

We sell inflatable campervan awnings in all shapes and sizes, fit for any and every purpose. This includes smaller sleepers like the AirTek Kamper Pro 2 Inflatable Awning, which has enough space for two to sleep comfortably, and the AirTek Kamper Pro 5 Inflatable Drive Away Awning, one of the largest inflatable campervan awnings on the market. All Khyam inflatable awnings for campervans are fitted out with an impressive head height, Sleep Easy technology, and Precision Pitch to ensure you get the perfect pitch every time.

Easy Fit Inflatable Campervan Awnings

There’s no need to worry about connecting your inflatable campervan awning to your vehicle either. All of our models have different sized connection tunnels and connection kits to make sure your inflatable campervan awning fits as it should. We support all popular campervan models and design versatile inflatable awnings for campervans, transporters and more.

What’s more, you get a 30 day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty so you know you’re getting the very best inflatable awnings for campervans from Khyam. Contact us to find out why an inflatable campervan awning is a great idea or shop inflatable campervan awnings now.

Inflatable Campervan Awnings FAQ

How Do I Inflate An Inflatable Campervan Awning?
An inflatable campervan awning can be filled with a hand pump or an electric pump. Our inflatable awnings for campervans are filled at the touch of a button that fills the air tubes in seconds. You’ll also find that inflatable campervan awnings are designed to withstand a little over inflation, so you needn’t worry as long as you are following the instructions correctly.
Are Inflatable Campervan Awnings Good In The Wind?
Inflatable awnings for campervans use air tubes rather than poles. This makes them more agile in windy conditions, as they’re less likely to break or snap as a pole might do. In very heavy winds, it can be wise to add a little extra air pressure to your inflatable campervan awning but, on the whole, an inflatable awning is a great choice for UK camping when conditions are on the breezy side.
Are Inflatable Campervan Awnings The Best Awnings?
Inflatable campervan awnings are the best choice for anyone wanting ultimate convenience. The best inflatable awnings for campervans are incredibly quick to pitch and to deflate, so you can set up and take down your camp in minutes. An inflatable campervan awning is sturdy and safe in all weathers, and is often a preferred choice for new campers or those who need something that’s easy to put up.