AirTek Delamere 8.0 - Bundle KhyamAirTek Delamere 8.0 - Bundle Khyam

AirTek Delamere 8.0 - Bundle

£2,558.45 GBP £3,009.95 GBP
AirTek Delamere 6.0 - Bundle KhyamAirTek Delamere 6.0 - Bundle Khyam

AirTek Delamere 6.0 - Bundle

£2,218.45 GBP £2,609.95 GBP
AirTek 8 Pro - Bundle Khyam

AirTek 8 Pro - Bundle

£1,519.96 GBP £2,481.95 GBP
AirTek 6 - Bundle Khyam

AirTek 6 - Bundle

£1,442.96 GBP £2,357.94 GBP
AirTek Arden 4.0 - Bundle Khyam

AirTek Arden 4.0 - Bundle

£1,334.45 GBP £1,569.95 GBP
Family 6 - Bundle Khyam

Family 6 - Bundle

£1,024.97 GBP £1,757.94 GBP

Choosing A Khyam Tent Bundle

All of our products at Khyam have been designed to the highest standards of quality , with features and technology to make camp life simple. Buying a tent bundle means you get all of the design features you can trust and the certainty that all the important parts of your camp set up will seamlessly fit together. As well as the complete convenience you get from a camping tent bundle, you’ll also get amazing value for money. We’ve put our tent bundles together as one single package that offers savings across each item and costs less than it would to buy everything individually.

Whether you’re off on a summer holiday, an autumn break or a spontaneous weekend away, you and your family want to quench your thirst for freedom, adventure and the great outdoors. Having everything you need in one handy tent bundle maximises every trip you take. Our tent bundles come in various sizes and with a range of extras depending on your needs. The Biker Plus Bundle is a 3-man tent bundle perfect for solo getaways or a small family. For larger families or to camp with friends, the AirTek 6 Ultimate Bundle includes basics and comfort-making extras like a roof liner and canopy enclosure. 

Khyam is known for quality and innovation, and we make all of our tents and tent equipment to suit your camping lifestyle. Our selection of tent bundles ticks all of the camping boxes, and also comes with a lifetime warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Shop tent bundle deals for the ultimate camp set up and complete peace of mind.