Choosing A Khyam Beach Tent

Although a beach tent is perfect for heading to the beach, we have designed our beach shade shelters to be fit for many purposes. As well as offering a space away from the wind and the sun on blistering summer days, our beach tents are also ideal for keen anglers, artists, and photographers waiting for that perfect shot. 

A beach tent is particularly useful if you are visiting somewhere with children in tow. Along with being a sanctuary from the heat or other elements, a beach shelter tent is also a place to store food to stop wildlife getting to it and to eat in comfort. Day trips to the beach or any natural habitat are more enjoyable when you have a spot to store a few home comforts or grab half an hour of peace and quiet. For longer trips or a little more privacy, a utility tent is a practical alternative to a beach shelter for camping.

All Khyam products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements. Our beach tents are no different, providing you with ample protection from the sun’s rays, cold winds or inclement weather. Create a little oasis wherever you are and shop the collection of Khyam beach tents.

Beach Tents FAQs

Should I Buy A Beach Shelter Tent?
A beach shelter tent is a great idea for anyone who loves spending days at the beach. Having a beach tent with you on days out gives you space to change in private, somewhere to eat without getting sandy sandwiches and also provides respite from the sun, wind or rain. A beach shade tent is particularly useful for anyone with young children as it gives them a safe space to get out of the sun or rest for a few minutes. You can also use a beach tent to store food, toys or other beach equipment.
What Is The Best Beach Tent?
There are many beach tents to choose from, but the best beach tent will be one that's lightweight and portable to make beach trips easier. It's also important to get a beach tent that is big enough for the people in your party. You might like to choose a beach shade tent with no sides if you want it primarily for shelter. If you want to use it as changing space or even a place for young children to nap, the best beach tent might be one with a zip up door that offers more privacy.
How Big Is A Beach Tent?
Beach tents come in all shapes and sizes, and you should choose the best beach tent according to how many people regularly use it. A mini beach tent could give you around 2 metres of space, while a larger gazebo style beach tent will offer up to 3 metres and have extra headroom. Always read the product specifications to make sure you're getting the right sized and best beach tent for your needs.
How Do I Pitch A Tent On A Beach?
The idea of pitching a beach tent might seem tricky, but with some simple preparation, it can be very straightforward. Find a spot on the beach that's away from the water and not too close to any beach amenities or crowded areas. Make sure the ground is clear of debris and flat enough. Khyam designs beach tents with fast pitching technology that means you can set your beach tent up in as little as 30 seconds, making it super easy to set your beach tent up, so you can get on with having fun.