AirTek Delamere 8.0 Inflatable Family Tent

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NEW for 2024, the AirTek Delamere 8.0 Inflatable Family Tent by Khyam builds upon our award winning tents, offering exceptional quality and upgraded features. With meticulous attention to detail and a sleek, modern design, the Delamere 8.0 sets the standard for premium tents. This tent may be one of the largest on the market, if not the biggest.

Crafted from the finest materials. Our "Weatherweave 6,000" fabric is made from a robust 150 Denier Polyester and boasts an impressive 6,000 Hydrostatic Head, making it a durable and heavy-duty choice for the premium market. Accommodating 8 people as standard and up to 12 with optional inners, this 8-man, 4 bedroom tunnel tent with its living area and porch is our largest and most deluxe offering.

Utilising the latest Khyam Inflatable technologies and showcasing top-notch UK design innovation, it even features our exclusive DUAL VALVE Air Tubes, allowing for outside inflation and interior maintenance, perfect for unexpected rain. This leading inflatable tent is loaded with unique innovation, luxury and space. 



NEW FOR 2024

Our BRAND NEW and now our Flagship 'AirTek Delamere 8.0' 8-Man Inflatable Family Tent utilises the latest Khyam Inflatable technologies and showcases the very best of Innovation and Quality to offer a fortress of a family tent that can be pitched in a matter of minutes.

The 2024 Khyam Airtek Delamere 8.0 is the possibly the largest family tent on the market. It offers the ultimate in camping accommodation for up to 12 people [with additional inners], although 1 person can erect this tent on their own. With our patent-pending ‘Precision Pitch’, it isn’t hard to get the perfect pitch…….every time.

Spacious is an understatement, with it's size and features, this is super comfortable, the large generous bedroom at the rear of this inflatable tent, our largest design of tunnel tent, is set out in a 2+2+2+2 configuration. Each King-size inner tent is separated by zipped dividers, and all rooms can be opened up into 1 room if required or desired. Now with Khyams IMPROVED 'Sleep Easy+' feature, you can finally get that lie in with the Ultra Darkened bedrooms/outer-flysheet. With low level vents either side of the inners, and a huge full width rear zipped vent, there is ample airflow/ventilation that can be fully sealed in colder weather.

As there is room for 8 at the back, there is no inner sitting within your living area or hanging out the side - there are however spaces for up to 2 separate two berth inner tents in the living area, these also come ‘Wardrobe Pole Ready’.

The largest living area of any tent (with a fully sewn in groundsheet) has a massive head-height of 245cm (8 foot), giving you that spacious feel and features a huge sun roof with zipped curtains. Also available are our sliding rooflines, perfect to be in place in hot weather and can easily be slid to the side in the evening when star gazing through that huge window. Thinking ahead, we have added storage pockets on the air tubes, meaning theres 18 storage pockets already installed. The living area is further enhanced by a fully removable front dual panel, opening up the entire front section of this inflatable family tent with porch. [1st panel is a waterproof panel with door and windows, 2nd panel is a mesh panel with mesh door - this panel also zips directly to the fold flat groundsheet]

It only takes a few minutes to inflate this behemoth 8-man tent and a similar time to deflate fully, before rolling up and packing into the 150% sized carry bag, featuring our roll direct to bag feature. The high pressure Air Tubes provide a sturdy structure that allow flex in bad weather and to keep your tent from damage where others would not. Now also featuring our dual valves, you can now inflate from outside, but maintain from inside, perfect for wet days. For additional peace of mind the Khyam webbing storm straps that are pre attached, in all four corners, can be quickly deployed adding further strength to the structure as and when required. These NEW to the Market storm straps feature a dual pegging system, enhancing the Anchorage in the ground and sharing the load, giving you more strength in high winds

The AirTek Delamere 8.0 has been designed with them help of our campers, through thoughtful conversations to work out what a tent NEEDS in the modern day. This Tent does not disappoint, and has even been featured on ITV News. Check out the below features, specs and optional accessories.

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**Please be aware, unlike other air tents, the tubes on the Delamere 8.0 are different due to the larger diameter. This means the air pressure is also different - the maximum PSI for the Delamere 8.0 tubes is 3PSI. If in cold, stormy weather, this can be increased up to 5PSI, however must be reduced back to 3PSI once the stormy conditions have ceased


  • BRAND NEW Design and colour way 
  • Lifetime Warranty - protects you from any manufacturing defects [see T&Cs]
  • Massive Head Height - at 245cm in the centre [8 foot]
  • Built in anti-trip Precision Pitch - helps pitch the tent with perfect guy lines
  • 4 x King Size Bedrooms [4 rear bedrooms are separated by zipped curtains]
  • Improved "Sleep Easy+" Ultra light reducing bedrooms - for those late mornings
  • Fold-flat zipped groundsheet at the main door to prevent tripping
  • NEW style 'Floor to Floor' Rain Canopy side door providing the ultimate rain protected access
  • Secondary mesh doors and front mesh panel
  • Fully removable front door [variable side opening]
  • Main living area tinted panoramic sun roof (with zipped curtains) to allow light in whilst providing privacy 
  • Large rear vent with zipped closing, able to be opened fully or sheltered 
  • Floor to Floor front canopy attachment zip with "weather seal"
  • Floor to Floor side storage annexe zip connection with "weather seal"
  • Dual Speed valves - allows you to effortlessly inflate and rapidly deflate at the push of a button, with maintenance valves on the inside.
  • Ventilation everywhere - 4 low level vents within the living areas, rear mesh vent and mesh on 2 doors and mesh front panel included
  • Storage Pockets - Convenient side pockets for storing your essentials in the inner tent and 18 mesh pockets in the living area
  • Bedroom doors now have a secondary mesh panel within the door to help with airflow
  • New and Improved high velocity Pump for rapid inflation, including additional pressure monitor valve for pressure checking
  • Pump pressure relief value and pressure gauge to prevent overinflation built into the pump
  • Rain Protection on all exterior zips - stops any rain seeping through
  • NEW Khyam Connect strips on all air tubes  - Convenient for hanging your lighting, roof liners and other accessories
  • Pre-angled Gothic arch Beams - Achieve greater internal space and improved structure
  • Weatherweave Pro 6,000 Fabric - 150 Denier construction with 6,000mm HH rating
  • Zipped Privacy Curtains - zipped down for variable level of opening

Optional Extras Available:
    • Floor to Floor Zipped Canopy Enclosure - given an enhanced sheltered living space
    • NEW design Living Area Carpet - helps with comfort and noise reduction
    • SPS Footprint Groundsheet - protects your tents sewn in groundsheet
    • Concertina sliding Roof Liners - Helps reduce condensation, improves tent temperature 
    • Floor to Floor Zipped Front Inflatable Canopy - increasing living space
    • Floor to Floor Zipped side storage annexe  - for use as storage or toilet area
    • BRAND NEW Zip on Sun Sail with coated fabric to keep cool and shaded


8 (up to 12 with additional inners)


3 including the fully removable front dual panel

Of these doors, all have secondary mesh doors (fully removable front door has a secondary mesh panel that can also be removed)


AirTek Inflatable Technology with DUAL rapid inflation and deflation valves. 

MAX PSI under normal conditions: 3PSI

MAX PSI under stormy conditions: 5PSI (must be reduced after)


150 Denier Poly Oxford 'Weather Weave Pro'

Guy Ropes:

High tensile Front & Rear double anchor storm straps, with metal reinforced pegging D rings

Precision Pitch – Double connection adjustable side webbing straps, to add additional support, can be unclipped and stowed against the tent in calm weather. Leaving the black base strap pegged in at the correct distance


Dark Grey with light grey roof and black mud skirt

Inner Tent:

Breathable polyester with sewn-in groundsheet and organizer pockets

Hydrostatic Head:





Mesh Pockets on living area tubes, 9 on each side of the tent making 18 total


NEW and improved high pressure valve with built in pressure gauge and pressure release valve. Also included is a separate pressure monitor that can be used to check pressures of air tubes

Cable Entry:

Zipped cable entry management system in place on both sides of the tent

Khyam Connect:

Black beading conveniently placed on AirTunes, design to clip to, attached accessories and connect the sliding roof liners to.



Overall Footprint: 

587 x 725 cm



Pack Size:           

84 x 67 x 67cm

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