B Brave - Clothing with Compassion

Khyam are working with the up and coming brand - B BRAVE

They are an eco-friendly clothing range, offering the best in organic cotton tees and hoodies, who's aim is to help create conversations and break the stigma surrounding mental health. 

"We want to connect with people and to raise awareness about how important good Mental Health is. We want you to start a conversation with your mates, family, partners and kids to see how they are today, like how they really are. You'll be amazed at how we open up when asked, and how your relationships grow too. With that in mind, we donate a portion of our profits every month to UK Mental health charities - So by buying our clothes, you're helping start conversations all over the country! Amazing!"

For more information on the brand, see their website here: https://www.bbraveclothing.com

Khyam and B Brave will soon be working closer together to help spread the word and to try and help people get out more and to start having their own adventures. There are HUGE health benefits to camping, not just physical, but also mental. So we feel that working together, we are better placed to help more people around the UK.

Watch this space, more will follow shortly