8 Man Tent - Khyam 2021 AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Family Tent
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AirTek 8 Pro Inflatable Tent - 8 Man Tent

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Khyam 2021 ScreenHub Quick Erect 'Harewood' Bundle 8 Berth Tent For Sale
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Khyam 7-8 Berth Tents - The UK’s Best Large Tents for Camping

Our range of 7 and 8-man tents, for sale online, offer you unrivalled choice and are specially designed for family camping with the kids, family or friends. Big camping tents are so exciting to buy and can be a great investment for one or even two families. All of our large tents are quick and easy to pitch, have plenty of space and are designed to protect you come rain or shine. Take a look at the very best tunnel tents for sale above.

We firmly believe in our products and every tent from Khyam comes with a lifetime warranty and our 30-day money-back guarantee. Find the perfect 7 or 8-person tent for your next adventure today. Contact us for more assistance or browse our store above to find the best small, medium or large tent for your needs.