The UK Leader in Quick Erect Awnings and Pop Up Tents and Gazebos

At Khyam, we pride ourselves on developing innovative ways to improve your camping experience. From choosing materials for a better night’s sleep to reducing the time needed to set up your campsite; all of our products are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

Our Motordome range, in particular, is a hit with campervan owners as the drive away design makes it simple to set up, disconnect, and reconnect, as you need. Our modular hub, affectionately known as the ‘Dub Hub’, is back by popular demand with a fully modular design that allows you to change the layout on a whim. The door panels can be adapted to connect with extra tents for even more living space or simply rolled up to create the perfect pop up day shelter or sunshade. This versatility and dedication to creating tents that work make Khyam a popular choice with seasoned campers and weekend warriors alike.

Along with quick erect gazebo-style drive away awnings, we also stock pop up camping gazebos, sunshades, as well as touring tents, and family tents. All of our designs are informed by our customers’ feedback and experience, and we respond in kind to innovate and improve every single model. We also offer unparalleled service and can’t wait to help you find the perfect fit for your campsite.

Contact us now for more information on our quick erect drive away awnings or take a look at our store above where you’ll find everything from pop up gazebos for next day delivery to expansive family tents.