Choosing Khyam Tent Accessories

Khyam tents are famous for their build quality, functionality and modular design. Our tent accessories offer this same high quality and have been made with every aspect of your campsite in mind. We want to improve your camping experience in every way and bring you the best tent accessories.

From basics like a replacement groundsheet to little luxuries like roof liners, our tent accessories solve common camping problems so your trip can be straightforward and stress free. You could increase your camp’s size with an annex or canopy if there are a few of you heading away, or make your tent more waterproof with our brush on waterproofer. You’ll also find classic tent accessories like a windbreak or canopy poles.

We are committed to creating bespoke accessories for tent camping that satisfy your sense of adventure and make camping the simple pleasure it should be. Our collection of tent accessories is ready to be delivered in no time before you’re ready to be back out exploring. Take a look at our tent accessories or contact our helpful team who will help you find the perfect bit of kit to optimise your campsite and your camping experience.