Choosing Khyam Awning Accessories

Whether you are a dedicated tent user, or prefer a campervan or motorhome, an awning provides extra space to eat, dress, or store food and camping equipment. Awning accessories boost this space to make it even more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Caravan awning accessories, for example, can create another room off your caravan and allow you to entertain or sleep more people. An inner tent is one of the most popular awning accessories to keep in your kit, giving you the option to bring extra friends along, while an awning carpet adds a touch of luxury and warmth to your awning area. An awning can also be a haven away from adverse weather or somewhere to grab some shade. Our accessories for awnings include weather proofing products and sealants to keep your awning water resistant and warm.

As with all Khyam products, our awning accessories are backed by a lifetime warranty and have been made with quality materials and innovative technology. We want to make camping fun and accessible for everyone. Find advice and information about using air awnings, and shop the collection of awning accessories to power up your camping trip and make it one to remember for all the family.