World Earth Day at Khyam 2024

Earth Day? We’re sustainable 365 days of the year. Our company successfully takes the most Earth-friendly route to getting our clients affordable tents and marketing, we remove harmful dyes from our tents, fix tents and reduce paper waste by keeping as much information as we can in the form of downloadable PDFs and videos.


We also strive to be a good influence, check out our social media for posts that talk about how to reduce your impact whilst camping.

Plant Trees & Sow Seeds

We’ve partnered with Ecologi to make sure that for every tent purchased it goes back to the natural environments that we love. So far we’ve planted 28,000 trees with all the fantastic products that we’ve sold.
We’re hoping that each year this number will grow larger with a higher positive impact on our planet. Make your camping trips more meaningful by giving back to nature. Join reforestation efforts by planting trees or sow native seeds to restore habitats. Each seed planted is a step towards healing our planet.
Alternatively, you could calculate your carbon footprint and use a cup of coffee to pay for reforestation efforts.

 A Lifetime Warranty We Go The Extra Mile For

At Khyam, quality and durability are at the core of our products, for anyone that’s met us and purchased our products they know we believe in creating tents that last a lifetime and beyond. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the manufacturing process with our lifetime warranty.
We stand by our gear, ensuring it stays out of landfills and in use for years to come.
We ensure to fix any issues that are caused by manufacturing faults no matter how big or small. We also ensure our tents do not end up in landfill by selling any that do get batch manufacturer faults for a heavy discount or by re-using materials for other jobs.
Our philosophy is always to fix before we replace, so we’ll always endeavour to use our top-grade sewing equipment before giving replacements. Even when we do, we ensure that the materials from the product that cannot be fixed are re-used by us.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Fabrics

We don’t use recycled bottle plastic fabrics for our tents. Now that might seem like a very bold and negative statement, though it only works towards ensure we are as green as we possibly can be.
Using recycled water bottles for fabrics takes them out of the closed recycle system and eventually, they have to end up in landfill. Fabric made using this method is not recyclable itself and most of the time can’t be used for repairs due to being weaker, this also reduces the lifecycle of the tent (a shorter lifecycle means that in the end, we’ll be less sustainable if we choose this style of fabric).
We are always on the lookout for new alternatives that don’t compromise on the quality of our products, once we find it you can be sure it’ll be incorporated into our manufacturing process, ‘till then we will be sticking with materials that keep our tents out of landfills for longer.

Sustainable Campers

The last line of defense is you! We hope to spread messages to campers that use Khyam products to be conscious of how they spend their time in the hobby. Here are 5 things to make sure you do everytime you or your family enjoy a camping trip away -

1. Use reusable bottles, utensils, tents, and sleeping bags.

One small step toward a greener adventure begins with using reusable gear. Opt for stainless steel or BPA-free water bottles, durable utensils, and eco-friendly tents and sleeping bags. By choosing quality, reusable products, you reduce waste and minimise your impact on nature.

2. Paper bags for storage or bin liners.

When organizing your camping essentials, consider using paper bags instead of plastic. They are biodegradable and can be repurposed as bin liners, reducing the need for single-use plastics in the wilderness.

3. Bring your own water bottles.

Stay hydrated sustainably. Refill your reusable water bottle from natural sources whenever possible. By eliminating disposable plastic bottles, you help reduce plastic pollution in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.

4. Always take everything with you.

Leave no trace behind. Whether it's trash, food scraps, or any other belongings, always pack out everything you bring into nature. Preserve the beauty of our landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

5. Try to fix it (if you can!)

If you can’t get your tent to us in time or the worst has happened, try one of our sealants to get your tent through the journey. If you’re not sure then you can just give us a call or an email and we’ll help you the best we can.
Keep an eye out on our social media channels to see when we’re next scheduled to go on a planting trip. Find us on facebook, instagram and youtube.

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