Post Lockdown Camping

If you wonder, ‘where can I travel after lockdown?’ - you are not alone. Many of us are already thinking about planning our post lockdown camping adventure where we can have a break away from worries and our routines whilst staying safe.

Here are some tips on what to expect on your next camping trip!

Plan your trip carefully!

Thinking about post lockdown rules, there are so many questions and worries. We all had to adapt to a new way of life where simple things such as taking a trip or staying active were challenging. With the restrictions changing, camping is an excellent opportunity to get out and enjoy nature and the health benefits of camping.

When planning your next trip, it is essential to consider staying safe. As restrictions start to ease, there will be opportunities to travel with more people, and many facilities will re-open. Make a list of the places you want to visit after lockdown, and always check the restrictions for the time when you plan to explore.

Have the right equipment

Plan by making sure you have the right equipment with you. You will need shelter, so when planning, you can choose to opt for a tent or if you are fortunate enough to have a campervan, you may want to buy a drive away awning. If you want to go exploring on your own, you can choose a 1-2 man tent, or if you decide to go camping with more people, you can check out the full range of tents where you can find our tents for 7-8 people and anything in-between.

Although campsite facilities are not open yet, a solution to that is to purchase a utility tent, such as the Privvy Bivvy that you can use for a toilet, washing facility or for extra storage space. Travelling with an item like this will offer you the comfort you need for camping anywhere, without worrying about access to public facilities.

For your next trip, make sure you plan for your food and any accessories you might need to ensure you will have a good experience. You could buy a Khyam carpet for your tent to make it more comfortable or buy a Nitelight Colour Lighting Pack that will not only provide you with light, but you can use to create a memorable atmosphere.

Have fun!

The fact that we were not allowed to explore made us realise how precious outdoor adventures are. It is beneficial to consider enjoying nature more in the future. With so much beautiful scenery in the UK, there are many places to visit after lockdown where you will be able to make beautiful memories!

The most important thing is to have fun! Camping is a great way to increase the bonding levels between people. There are so many activities you can enjoy in the great outdoors by yourself or with others. Whether you want to play games, explore, watch the sunset, wake up to a fantastic sunrise, meditate or spend time in a new environment, you will have a great time.

Good luck planning your next camping adventure!

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