Online Shopping Challenges

The real challenge of online shopping is to order a product that fits your needs and your expectations when there is a lack of touch-feel-test of the product - Here at Khyam we've got you covered with what we offer best - top quality camping products, lifetime warranties and our 30-day money back guarantee. Please take a few read this article about online shopping challenges to find the answers to your questions and worries regarding online shopping with us.

The first thing to remember is that despite the fact that shopping online can be challenging, we are here to support you! When you receive your your camping gear from us, you are investing in your future adventures, so finding the ideal camping products for you is essential. In this article, you can find out more about the advantages you get when you buy from Khyam.

1. The benefits of shopping online 

First, you get to save money - buying from a website means that, in our case, you are buying directly from Khyam, so you get excellent quality for a competitive price. Moreover, if you subscribe to our email, you will receive exclusive and previewed deals too.

Online purchasing is such a relief and so convenient for many - you do not need to go to a shop anymore, you do not need to worry about the traffic or the opening times, and dare we say it - you don't have to worry about what the current Covid restrictions and protocols are either. It saves you time and money; you can simply buy any product from the comfort of your own home.

Unlike your in-shop experience, where the sales representative or other customers can influence you; when you shop with Khyam, you are in control of your own time, you can take as long as you need to read the product descriptions, take in our 360 degree internal tours and decide what items you want to buy. There is something about shops that can pressure you to buy more goods or take rushed decisions. When you shop with Khyam, you can take your time to plan what are the key elements are for finding the ideal tentcampervan awning or accessories that work for you.

2. Returning goods bought online

On the other hand, the way items are perceived online might differ from how the products seem to be in real life. What happens if you buy an expensive item that you think is not big enough or just not meeting your expectations? Being lumbered with a product that you do not like or isn't suitable, feeling like you wasted money - that can be the online shopper’s worts nightmare. Some customers feel uncomfortable about returns and it can be confusing when different companies have different return policies - but do not worry! With Khyam, you have a 30-day money back guarantee and that applies even if you used KLARNA finance, the payment method that allows you to split the cost of your shopping into monthly payments, so you can worry less about finance that new camping equipment this month. Our return policy gives you the freedom to find the product that works best for you!

Even when you are returning faulty goods bought online, dealing with returner’s anxiety can be difficult, especially when it comes to a high-priced item. If your order arrived and you feel like a different product might suit your needs better, it can be frustrating, affecting your experience with the product. At Khyam, we aim is to deliver the highest quality service and products to our customers. We support our customers by having a transparent return policy and refund policy. Customers get the right to receive a refund in both cases of returning faulty goods or returning unwanted goods. Moreover, if you worry about losing your money should the business go into administration, you need not worry - our business is very much streamlined, well funded and stable. We only offer high quality products and we are here to support our customers.

When you choose to shop from Khyam, you avoid feeling like you are stuck with an item you ordered - with 30 years experience, any item on our website comes with excellent quality and a lifetime warranty. We understand that online shopping has advantages and disadvantages, and we empower our customers to get the best products to make the most out of their camping experiences.

When you shop online with Khyam, you are empowered to take the best decisions for memorable adventures.

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