Motorcycle Camping Gear: Tents for You and Your Bike

For those of you who are motorcycle enthusiasts, this is the article for you! Find out more about motorcycle camping and find answers about what motorcycle camping gear you need.

The very moment you take your motorcycle and your camping gear, you know you are about to have an unforgettable time either if you go by yourself or with others. You can take the unexplored paths; you can go bike touring, and the best part – the freedom! For motorcycle enthusiasts, this article can answer your questions regarding motorcycle tents, so you can easily plan your next adventures.

What is the best tent for motorcycle camping?

Your motorcycle can take you anywhere; it is your adventure partner, so choosing a quality motorcycle tent is essential. You have so many breath-taking places you can go to, so having a lifetime warranty Khyam tent will guarantee that you really are free to ride wherever you want without worrying about the motorbike camping gear.

Keep in mind that if you go motorcycle camping in the UK or anywhere else, it is essential that you can carry the biker tents easily. At Khyam, all touring and motorcycle tents are high quality, easy to pack, small pack sized and effortless to assemble. Being able to have your motorbike tent pitched in a matter of seconds will enhance your adventure.

When you choose the best motorcycle tent for yourself, it is essential that it can protect both you and your motorcycle from weather conditions. When you choose a Khyam tent, the premium quality motorcycle tents can really protect you from the UK weather, especially from the rain and the wind.

Which is the best tent for solo bike touring?

Solo bike touring can be a real adventure not just because you can explore any place you want; it is the kind of experience that involves self-discovering and introspection. There is this misconception that if you travel by yourself, you will feel alone or have less of a good time when in fact - solo travelling can be one of the best experiences, and you should try it at least once. Solo touring comes with so much more freedom - you can listen to your gut, you can change your direction, and you get the necessary space for meditation.

Besides the health benefits of camping, what makes solo touring great is that it improves your sense of independence, and it is boosting your confidence. When you choose the best tent for solo bike touring, you might go for a 1 man tent like the 2021 Nimbus Mini Fast Pitch Touring Tent. Of course, if you plan alternate solo travelling and travelling with others, or if you want more space you can invest in a bigger tent, like the 2021 Biker Plus Special Edition Quick Pitch - 3 Man Tent, that comes with so many features: it can fit 3 people, it uses Rapidex technology that allows quickly pitching up and packing - ideal for motorcycle touring.

The adventure, the open road, the endless possibilities - nothing compares to motorcycle camping!

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Just spent a weekend at a rally in a Nimbus. It was up and pegged down in a few minutes which was great. It was a bit of a squeeze inside for my Helios camp cot with the full height legs but it does fit. Stowed my gear under the cot to keep the floor clear in the entrance. It’s a good option for solo camping I think with enough space to do your admin so long as you keep organised. I’ve had the Biker in the past which I liked but I wasn’t too keen on crawling around on all fours all the time. I ended up getting the Biker Plus which is fantastic for space. Less keen on the weight and bulk though. I’ve upgraded to the 2021 version which is a bit lighter and less bulky. Not had a chance to try it yet though. My next trip will be a week around Ireland, ultra low impact in a bivvy.

Jim Flynn February 15, 2022

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