How To Stay Cool Camping In Hot Weather

Everyone wants to go camping in hot weather; the glorious sunshine, blue skies, and endless outdoor activities make up our great adventures, after all. Tents can get pretty warm on those sunnier days, so it’s good to know how to keep a tent cool, so that you can soak up the sunshine and still get a good night’s sleep. 

We’ve also put together our best camping in hot weather tips so you can stay cool throughout your camping trip. Knowing how to keep cool when camping is especially important if you’re visiting a campsite with kids. Preparation is key, and making sure you’ve got all the right accessories and the most comfortable tent will give you a head start. 

Read on for our guide to camping in hot weather and find out how you can take advantage of warmer days, make the most of your summer, and still feel cool and comfortable. 

How To Keep A Tent Cool

Tents have to be made from certain fabrics so that they can resist certain weather conditions, and be safe and warm enough for people to sleep inside. This means hot air can easily pass through the fabric of a tent, and then without any way for this hot air to get out, the tent can then become very hot.

Having some simple go-to methods for how to keep a tent cool can help reduce the stuffiness you sometimes feel when you step in a tent on a hot day.

1. Put Your Tent In The Shade

Possibly a no-brainer, but if you set your tent in a sunny area, it will get hotter throughout the day, and your tent could end up feeling like a furnace. To avoid this, when camping in hot weather, set your tent in the shade where it is cooler, and avoid areas in direct sunlight.

2. Pitch Up Later In The Day

In some places, there simply might not be enough shade - if any at all - but there is a solution. If you’re camping in hot weather, it’s very likely that you’re doing it in high summer. Luckily, summer days are longer, so an alternative is to set your tent up later in the day so you can at least make sure it is cool for an overnight stay.

3. Keep Vents Open

Make sure you have a tent with adequate ventilation, and check how many breathable mesh panels your tent has. The Khyam Airtek 6 Inflatable Tent has mesh everywhere, allowing your tent to truly breathe. Keep your vents open during the day, especially when camping in extreme heat, to let any hot air circulate back out.

4. Elevate The Tent

If you can create a small gap between your tent and the ground you may reduce some heat transfer into the tent. Using a good groundsheet or tent footprint can help you do this, particularly if it’s made of breathable materials like the Screenhub Clip-In Sps Footprint Groundsheet.

5. Use A Canopy or Sun Sail

If you’re on a summer holiday and know you’ll be camping in hot weather, taking a canopy can not only give you extra space but stop excess heat getting into your tent. Leaving the tent door open so you can get in and out will allow lots of warm air to find its way in. A canopy means you can keep your tent zipped and still enjoy sheltered space to socialise or cook. It also acts as a sun shade to help you stay cool.

Alternatively our new sun sails that clip universally to all Khyam tents (apart from the Airtek Delamere 8, for which the sail can be found here) provide a cool shelter that can be clipped onto the front of your tent. Giving an adventurous feeling without blocking sides in for extra access.

Camping In Hot Weather Tips

Along with knowing how to keep your tent cool, it’s also good to have a few basic hacks in your back pocket that you can call on when you need to stay cool when camping. Below are our six camping in hot weather tips that are practical, fun and easy to do.

1. Camp By The Water

By being next to a river, lake, or by the sea, you’re able to enjoy a cooling breeze which makes camping in hot weather much more refreshing. More than that, being so close to nature and in a location that offers both good weather and the chilled breeze is some truly next-level camping.

The other bonus of summer camping is that it's a great season for getting stuck into some outdoor activities. If you’re camping by the water, you can get in for a paddle or a leisurely swim, or take part in some water sports. Safely enjoying the water is a great way to stay cool when camping, as well as having fun with friends and family.

2. Have A Water Fight

If you want to know how to keep cool when camping with kids, then it’s got to be a water fight. All you need is a few water pistols, or you could even use leftover plastic bottles to chuck water over one another.

Sometimes, it is the smallest things that make your camping trip unforgettable. Water fights are the most fun way to stay cool when camping in hot weather, and are a really wholesome activity that helps everyone bond and laugh together, too.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a running theme here, but by far one of the most important tips for camping in hot weather is to drink lots of it. It might not make you instantly cooler but it will help to keep you hydrated so that the heat doesn’t make you ill, and a refreshing drink is always a good idea on a hot sunny day.

Don’t forget pets too. Make sure they have lots of water to drink throughout the day and get to dip their paws into a cool lake or river, too.

4. Wear SPF

Wearing suncream won’t magically cool you down, but it’s essential if you want to avoid sunburn. Not only is sunburn bad for us in the long term, but the excess heat we feel on our skin once we’ve been burnt makes us feel even hotter in our tent.

There are loads of health benefits to camping, so as long as you protect yourself when temperatures are high, you can carry on enjoying them all. Lather on the SPF when enjoying the outdoors as part of your summer camping trip. 

5. Enjoy Early Mornings

Another tip to stay cool is to make sure you wake up early before the sun makes it too hot in your tent. Exposure to sunlight can heat your tent, so it’s a great idea to start your day early. This will also allow you to get involved in more activities in the first part of the day, without worrying if the sun is too intense.

Camping in hot weather during the summer months means the sun will rise nice and early in the morning, allowing you to wake up with nature and embrace the first part of the day. 

6. Invest In A Fan

If your tent accessories include a battery pack or electricity points, then consider taking along a portable fan that can help cool you down as you drift off to sleep.

Help With Camping In Hot Weather From Khyam

It’s definitely helpful to know how to keep a tent cool with some simple tips and tricks. However, it goes without saying that buying the best tent you can, with all mod cons and the latest technology, is the first step to take. At Khyam we have every kind of tent for all kinds of trips, from family holidays to small touring tents and versatile day shelters, not to mention a range of tent canopies and awning accessories that make camping trips extra comfortable.

Browse our range of tents or contact us for more information and advice on the best tent to take on your summer holidays. 

(Updated on 29th May 2024)

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