Six Tips For Choosing The Best Tent

Whether you’re a season pro or it’s your first time, the best camping tent makes your adventure better in every way. A good tent will last for years, but there comes a time when a new one will make a huge difference to your holiday, and you should always seek out the best tent so you’re ready for any adventure that comes your way. 

Whatever your reasons, finding the best tents for your trip or for your family will come down to personal choice and what you need - and this will vary from one camper to the next. There are some tried and tested tips that can help to guide you towards the ideal tent and give you an idea of what to look out for when researching the best camping tent.

Here are Khyam’s six tips for choosing the best tent:

1. Find The Best Tent For The Size Of Your Group Or Party

Camping is fun! Having the right size and style of tent ensures everyone is comfortable, happy, and will have a great time. The best tent for a large family of 8 will be very different to a couple of friends who want to pack up and go away each weekend.

Make sure to carefully consider the size of your party for each trip. The best tent will last a long time, and if your group is likely to expand in that time, it may be worth investing in something bigger now to make sure you’re ready for anything. 

If you like to explore by yourself, you could choose a 1 or 2 man tent. On the other hand, if you’re searching for the best camping tent for the whole family, a 5-6 man tent, or even one for 7+ people, might suit you better.

Ultimately, the best tents are the ones that offer the right amount of space. Tents with multiple rooms are a great investment if you want to go camping with a group as you will have more privacy and comfort. Small touring tents or beach tents, on the other hand, are ideal for those who like to take off at the drop of a hat and only need a small amount of space. 

2. Buy The Best Tent You Can Afford

Investing in a good quality tent will pay off in both the short and long term. In the early days, you get the benefit of the best tent technology and innovative materials that come with a well made tent. Going forwards, the cost of the tent over its lifetime will be much less than having to regularly replace a less expensive, but inferior quality tent.

The value of buying the best camping tent you can afford is more than just financial, too. Camping comes with lots of wonderful health benefits, and buying a good tent that lasts gives you extra peace of mind every time you hit the road for another adventure. 

At Khyam we sell the best tents available, and we offer a lifetime warranty because we’re sure our tents will keep you going.

3. Think About Transport

It’s all very well buying the latest and very best tent, but if it’s too big to fit in your boot, or impossible to pack for a hike, then it won’t be the best tent for your trip. Consider how you plan to get around when you go camping and make sure the tent you buy is easy to transport however you travel.

Perhaps some of the trips you take are family gatherings where you take the car, while others are solo explorations with just you and your motorbike. Figure out your needs and research the best camping tent that ticks all boxes.  

4. Even The Best Tents Can Be Made Better

When you buy a new tent, you’ll likely look at all of the features and weigh it up against some of the things we’ve mentioned above. This is where tent accessories can work wonders.

If some of your trips are just for the two of you, while others are family affairs with the kids and the dogs, you can opt for a smaller tent, say 3-4 man tents and then supplement with awnings, annexes or canopies when there are a few extra of you. 

To really make yours the best tent and enhance your camping experience even more, you can add space and comfort with items like inner tents and carpets. There’s no end to the ways you can take your campsite up a notch and build on your existing set up.

5. What Will The Weather Be Like?

Think practically about the weather when you’re camping. If you tend to go away more in the summer months, you might want a tent that is easier to keep cool in, while the best tent for those who prefer colder camping trips might be one designed to protect you from wind and rain.

Khyam tents come with WeatherWeave technology, breathable groundsheets, and robust quick-erect, inflatable or poled frames. This makes them easy to put up in all weather conditions, keeping you safe, dry and comfortable no matter what the elements throw at you. 

6. The Best Tent Is The One That Suits You

Imagine you are on top of a mountain, watching the sunset, taking in the kind of view that is worth hiking an entire day for. Make the most of your outdoor adventure by choosing a tent that matches your style.

When you select the best camping tent for your adventures, you should match the design, the colour and even the accessories to your personality. The best tent is not just a home from home; it is an opportunity, a memory, and a step into new experiences. The best tents make all of that possible, keeping you comfortable and happy so you never want to stop exploring. 

The Best Tents For An Unforgettable Adventure 

Khyam designs and makes tents for every camper. From small to big, compact to colossal, your trip is in your hands when you opt for the best tents on the market. Contact us for extra information on the best camping tents according to your needs, or browse our complete collection of new tents and awnings to get started with your new tent and your next big adventure.

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