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With longer days and finer weather here, the urge to just grab a tent, get up and go is often too great to resist. With so much outdoors to explore, you have to seize the moment, or the weekend and chances are that you’ll want to move from pitch to pitch during your trip to make the most of the time and the freedom, so a hiking tent is ideal for you. But with a range of options available, you’ll want to make sure that you make the right choice, with a tent that will serve you for many years to come. Our hiking tent buying guide will point you in the right direction. 

How to choose a hiking tent

As with choosing any tent, there are a number of factors to bear in mind but for a hiking tent, they may well be in a different order from usual. For example, you might know right off the bat how many you need to sleep in your hiking tent but if you’re moving from point to point, weight will be a much more important factor than for a relatively static pitch.

Convenience will also be a factor, as you won’t want to spend much of your precious time erecting and dismantling your tent, which is why we’ve designed all of our hiking tents to be quick-pitch, setting new industry standards along the way. And part of that convenience is the overall weight of the packed tent; at Khyam we have designed our tents to hit the sweet spot of weight, quality and size to maximise value for money and your overall experience.

How much should a hiking tent weigh?

Thanks to the use of lightweight advanced materials and modern fiberglass poles, all of our hiking tents weigh less than 10kg, so even in a 20kg pack they will take up a maximum of 50% of a recommended pack weight, leaving plenty of capacity for other essentials, especially if you’re sharing the overall load between two or three people. What’s more, all of our hiking tents pack down to a compact size, making balance within a rucksack much easier and less tiring on those longer treks or rides.  

Hiking tents with convenience in mind

All of Khyam’s hiking tents are designed with convenience in mind. They all incorporate Khyam’s Rapidex Quick Erect System to reduce set-up time to an absolute minimum, in some cases less than 30 seconds, with a little practice. The Rapidex system incorporates strong solid fiberglass poles sewn into the tent fabric frame to create a single structure that is both quick and easy to erect and dismantle.

In-built porches and pockets make for easy storage and retrieval of essentials without compromising inner space. The inner tents are made from breathable polyester for added comfort during the night preventing the formation of condensation. What’s more, they are fully detachable for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

Finally, all of our hiking tent flysheets benefit from Khyam’s WeatherWeave Pro material with taped seams and an additional polyurethane coating to provide exceptional hydrostatic performance in all types of conditions.

Versatile design

The innovative design of our hiking tents means that they are also versatile in their use. Whilst ideal for use on hiking trips, they’re also ideally suited to short-term pitches such as festivals or two-to-three night stops on a biking tour, for example. Clever design means there’s plenty of room for the occupants, such as ample headroom as well as storage space for gear; both saving and creating space at the same time.

The addition of a porch on some models adds a whole new dimension to your experience. Additional storage space is always useful and the mesh front door provides multiple privacy and shelter options.

None of this convenience comes at the price of quality though. All Khyam’s hiking tents are made from durable high-quality materials, designed to last a lifetime, hence our lifetime warranty.

How much does a hiking tent cost?

At Khyam, we work hard to combine innovation, versatility and durability into our tents while all the time keeping the price as low as possible. We don’t compromise on quality to undercut the competition and we’re justifiably proud of our products, which is why they carry a lifetime warranty.

Our current range of hiking tents starts at just over £200 for the Nimbus Mini 1-man tent to a little over £500 for the 3-man Biker Plus Special Edition. Every single one of these tents represents excellent value for money and we’re so confident that you’ll agree that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not entirely satisfied.

Don’t forget the extras!

Khyam tents all come highly-specified and well equipped but there are a also few optional extras that you might want to consider for that finishing touch.

Our hiking tents are supplied with sewn-in groundsheets but to help keep it clean and prolong its life, we recommend the use of a separate ground sheet for added layer of protection.

And if you’re expecting challenging conditions, investing in a storm pack will provide extra reassurance and stability thanks to quality webbing straps and high-grip Velcro attachments.

Lastly, taking advantage of LED technology the USB Nitelight Lighting pack provides convenient subdued lighting inside the tent at very low level energy expenditure, ideal for a 1-3 man hiking tent.

Check out the full range of accessories to make your hiking tent truly your own.

A hiking tent will certainly be an invaluable addition to your collection for those getaways when it’s just you, the open road and a whole wilderness to explore. View the full hiking tent collection to start your next adventure.

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