Camping Equipment in Short Supply

Thinking of reverting to a camping holiday this year? Great idea but if you hang about for too long there could be a bit of an issue looming. Put simply, by the middle of July, how do you get your own camping equipment when there is a camping gear shortage already? This summer, due to the pandemic, dealing with the issue of camping equipment in short supply could become a challenge, especially as the prospect of a staycation becoming the default holiday for 2021 right now.

Read this article to discover more about it and determine how you can get all the camping gear you need for not only this summer, but your future adventures too.

As coronavirus restrictions finally ease in the UK, it's a great opportunity for people to go camping with their friends, on their own or with their families, to have fun and enjoy the health benefits of camping. By getting the right camping gear, you can enhance your staycation with a while range of camping accessories too.

With the restrictions around international travelling, domestic holidays are a great way to travel and relax, especially after being indoors for a long time. Staycations are becoming ever more popular as people can go and explore the British Isles and other hidden gem attractions in the UK. However, that means that there will be an increased demand for camping equipment when there is a limited supply of tents and awnings available.

Limited availability tents and campervan awnings

Some items, as you will imagine, are absolutely necessary, such as tents or awnings. But what do you do when there is generally, a shortage of camping tents or awnings worldwide when production facilities were switched over to the manufacture of masks? As you probably saw on the BBC news here, or here, or from other newspapers and media outlet, there is an outdoor gear shortage issue that is impacting us here in the UK. The shortage of camping equipment is caused by multiple reasons, including the pandemic restrictions. In other words, the supply chains were impacted by the restrictions, resulting in manufacturing and shipping time for the stock being affected.

As this situation has had a knock-on effect, it is important to those of us planning our holidays with our families and friends. Ultimately, we are here to be transparent and to offer more information on the current situation that can affect not only camping enthusiasts, but also those of us that are in need of a holiday or even a break in the great outdoors, here in the UK.

Campers urged to buy now or miss out

In the context of camping equipment shortage, people will want to rush into buying what they need for their trips, especially camping tents. After having to delay any travelling plans during the pandemic, campers can feel the urge to buy now and not miss out on the opportunity to go camping - so how can you get your own camping gear when there is a limited stock available?

Camping tents are available in short supply with many of the regular brands, so you can start by finding out the ideal tent for you and seeing what products match your needs. Next, search between the limited availability of tents, and you can place your order because what is in your cart might be one of the last few tents available at that time. As the shortage of tents is a challenge, it is best to consider purchasing what you need now, when you see that it's still available to buy.

With the general shortage of outdoor gear, there is not just a limited availability tents, but also camping accessories, so it is useful to consider what you need for your tent too. To deal with the camping gear shortage, with Khyam, you have 30 days money back guaranteed, so even if you rush into purchasing a product, you can return it and get what suits your needs best.

Here at Khyam, last year we were impacted massively by the spread of the coronavirus, with delays to manufacture and then to the shipment of our tents and awnings. As a consequence we ordered more stock to respond to the needs of our customers and to deal with a potential shortage of camping gear a thankfully we not only have we benefitted from the late arrival of last years stock but we also have this year's for you to choose and benefit from.

It is worth noting that a number of our drive away awnings have already sold out for this season as campers made an early run to be ready to explore. We will of course be regularly updating all of our social media channels with any information regarding any limited stock and limited availability on any other product lines.

Don't forget, once you've purchased your Khyam camping equipment, it has a lifetime warranty and our 30 day money-back guarantee, so don't miss out - buy today before it's gone for holiday and adventures for years to come.

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